“My parents have noticed my strabismus when I was four years old. In the beginning it was just one eye, but later in my twenties I have developed it on the second eye as well. I also started getting headaches and occasionally double vision.

I originally visited Dr. O’Neill and Dr. Vicente’s office with my baby son – his pediatrician recommended that I check him for signs of strabismus. I myself got so used to living with it that I was not even considering operation before that visit. I was also told by someone several years ago that adjusting it at my age might interfere with some brain functions (now that does not seem as a very professional opinion).

During my son’s check-up Dr. Vicente mentioned that not only is it possible for grown-ups, but that it is a routine operation performed by him on a regular basis and everyone’s brain remained fine so far.

So after two more office visits and many of my questions answered in great details I went for the operation and do not regret it a bit. The procedure was very straight forward. I checked-in at the hospital early in the morning and was ready to go home around the afternoon. There was no pain whatsoever during the operation itself, as it was done under anesthesia. After the surgery I felt very nauseous, which is normal and I consumed quite a number of popsicles in the next 24 hours. My eyes were bloodshot for first 10 days after the surgery, so I was wearing dark glasses. My eyes hurt first couple of days after surgery but it was not a severe pain. I spent first 24 hours after the operation in bed with ice bag over my eyes.

Now, several months later all this seems just like a minor discomfort in comparison to getting my eyes straight. Not to mention physical discomfort, those who have strabismus know how embarrassing it can be sometimes when strangers either do not look you in the eyes or trying to figure out what are you looking at.

So to everyone who is considering strabismus surgery I highly recommend Dr.Vicente. He is a confident professional you can entrust yourself and I am very grateful to him.”

“Dr. Vicente,

I wanted to send along this note as a way to say thank you for all of your help. As you know I spent over a year going from one specialist to the next in search what was causing me to have what I thought was double vision. What impressed me most was how you and Michelle handled my case. Finally, I felt that someone was listening to what I was saying when I tried to explain my situation. You were very honest that mine was a special case and you gave me no quick answer just to make me happy. Instead, you gave me a plan and laid down a course of action that at least made me feel we were making progress. I am particularly grateful in how you handled my additional medical dilemma of my eyelid not opening. Once that hurdle was cleared, the surgery you performed far surpassed what I thought was going to happen. After tightening my eye muscle, I no longer saw two of everything. I can look down and see one pair of shoes, or more importantly, one golf ball. I had really given up on seeing correctly again, but you changed all that.

Your greatest strength I feel is your bedside manner. Besides being compassionate and open minded, I have never worked with a doctor or his staff that was so easy to get in touch with. And I have certainly never worked with a doctor or his staff that actually answered e-mail! This was such a big help knowing that I could e-mail you or Michelle and I would get a response. I’m not sure where you find time in the day to do everything.

You and Michelle have made a very big difference in my life and my family’s. I can’t thank you enough for your help. Please feel free to use my case and myself as a reference whenever you want. I will always be available to share my story and how you helped.”

“No more straining, no more squinting and I need not shut one eye to read the street signs anymore, instead, better depth perception. All thanks to a job perfectly executed by Dr. Vicente and his team.

At the age of 23, a week shy from my 24th birthday, I went in to have my lazy eye taken care of although it is a surgery popularly performed during childhood. Previously, Dr. Vicente had given me all the options that I had and I chose the permanent solution of surgery given the comfort that I felt from his experience and the wonderful service at his office. After all the precautions and statistics of the procedure I was ready to experience soreness, possibility of double vision and stay in the house for at least a couple of days with eyes almost glued shut.

It is no exaggeration when I say that the procedure was a pleasant one when compared to getting my root canals done. A couple of hours after surgery I took the bus from the hospital dropped by the office to finish off some work then met up with my friends for dinner. This of course was slightly off tangent from the Doctor’s advice but I felt more capable visually during these post-surgery hours than I did my whole life. No double vision, and no soreness, just partially red eyes with slight scratchiness as though an eyelash found its way into my eye and another onto the other eye.

Thank you for a job perfectly done. Thank you for the best B-day present!!!”


“Dear Dr. Vicente,

I want to thank you for improving the quality of my life due to the successful strabismus surgery on both my eyes. Every time I get into my car to drive without my prism glasses (no longer necessary!) I thank God. No more double vision.

Thank you again and everyone involved for the excellent care afforded me while undergoing this procedure.”

Best regards,

“Dr. Vicente,

I wanted to thank you again for your willingness to see my son last week on such short notice, and for your diligent follow up. I know I mentioned it, but it bears repeating. Quality care is very rare these days. You could have easily dismissed the case but instead became an active partner in his care. Considering that I’ve already had some serious medical concerns with my children, it was a great relief to know someone of your caliber was really looking out for my “zebra” child. I count our family very fortunate to have access to such a well-educated, thorough and caring doctor.”


“Hi Dr. Vicente.

I just wanted to let you know that your reputation as a wonderful doctor who is phenomenal with children with special needs is making the rounds in Montgomery County. So many have been responding to the question of the best ophthalmologist in the MC area in a special needs group (MCNEEDS) with your name (we among them). I thought you might like to know how grateful we are that you have helped our children with special needs and how well you are thought of by families of children with special needs.”

Best to you,