gilrWelcome to Eye Doctors of Washington! Here, our top priorities are our young patients’ safety, comfort, and most importantly, eye health. Founded by a core group of professors from the Center for Sight at the reputable Georgetown University more than forty years ago, we offer the most comprehensible, advanced, efficient service available today in an academically oriented setting. No matter what your child’s needs, we can help.

Does my child need glasses? When should my child have her first eye exam? Can my child’s droopy eyelids be corrected? For the answers to these questions and any others you might have, turn to Eye Doctors of Washington—the region’s leading pediatric ophthalmology practice. Staffed by two of the most extensively trained and educated doctors in the field, we provide high quality, safe vision care for our patients. No matter what their ages, we believe it’s never too early for them to learn about the importance of eye care!

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I count our family very fortunate to have access to such a well-educated, thorough and caring doctor.